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PILCOMAYO – Barrio Itatí – Quilmes

New housing on Pilcomayo Street

Client: OPISU

Covered area to be built: 36,000 m2

INFORMATION: 32 duplex housing units on the 1st and 2nd floors and 32 single units on the ground floor. Both have independent access. It will also have 16 commercial premises, the design of perimeter sidewalks that adapt to the proposed uses, 16 parking spaces in ground floor housing units, and 15 parking spaces on the sidewalk along Pilcomayo Street with lower circulation.

Typology of Ground Floor: Units ranging from 1 (one) to 3 (three) bedrooms, spacious living-dining-kitchen area, full bathroom, and toilet. The exterior areas, arranged diagonally, favor the lighting and cross ventilation of the interior spaces.

👉🏼 Typology of Upper Floor (Duplex): Independent access from the public road through a covered staircase, from 2 (two) to 4 (four) bedrooms, spacious living-dining-kitchen area, and 1 (one) or 2 (two) full bathroom/s depending on the number of bedrooms. In some cases, a third independent functional unit is incorporated, separate from the previous two, destined for commercial use.

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Contact Information:

  • +54 011 7078-0105
  • recepcion@niroconstruye.com
  • Av. San juan 1119, CP 1147

    >Información de contacto:

    • +54 011 7078-0105
    • recepcion@niroconstruye.com
    • Av. San juan 1119, CP 1147