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Niro Construye
Niro Construye

Our Values

Transform society's needs into reality with technology, respect for the environment and an inspiring work culture. To be the leading company that inspires a future of excellence and innovation in the construction industry.


Be respectful of people, ideas, preferences and differences. We seek to promote an environment of respect for diversity.


In every task we undertake, safety is our priority. We are dedicated to establishing standards and procedures that ensure a safe work environment, thereby supporting integrity and trust in all our activities.


We understand that setbacks will always occur, seek to overcome adversity both mentally and physically.


We consider order as an essential value on the path to efficiency and clarity. From cleaning your work environment to compliance with company processes and policies, order is a pillar in the culture of Niro Construye.

Innovation for Growth

We drive growth, fostering an environment where personal and professional development is nurtured through effort and ambition. To improve yourself it is necessary to be innovative, be creative to find solutions that optimize results. Use creativity and innovation as engines of progress and growth.


We highlight the importance of working as a team, promoting effective communication and cooperation to achieve common goals.

Niro Construye
Niro Construye

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